The Science of Sorba-Freeze


Discover the Triple Action Technology of Sorba-Freeze

  • Sorba Ultra Insulated Thermal Barrier

    Our latest triple laminate technology acts as an extremely effective insulator against both radiant and conductive heat, keeping your products cooler for longer

  • Sorba Hyper Absorbent Polymer Core

    Reacts with water to form a foodsafe polymer core that remains cooler for longer than both flake ice and gel packs, with the added benefit of absorbing any fluids that may have leaked from your product in transit

  • Sorba High Performance Permeable Barrier

    Allows water to hydrate the polymer core but prevents leakage, ensuring products arrive in pristine condition


Sorba-Freeze is made from a non-woven polyester fabric and silver laminate. Inside each ‘cell’ is an acrylate polymer powder which is capable of absorbing liquid up to 150 times its own weight.

When soaked in fresh water Sorba-Freeze can then be frozen to out-perform any gel pack in maintaining low temperatures for long periods of time. This is due to the unique chemical structure of the Hyper Absorbent Polymer Core.

As health and safety regulations become stricter, demand for Sorba-Freeze has increased. The long cooling and absorbent properties offer a reliable and economical alternative to gel and ice.


There are many benefits to using Sorba-Freeze:

  • Enables temperatures of 23°F to be maintained for up to 48 hours – the best performing solution on the market today.
  • Delivers lower unit cost than any other chilled packaging solution including gel packs and flake ice
  • Superior design and finish to enhance the packaging and reflect the quality of your product and brand
  • Complies with European Food Safety Agency Standards and the US FDA
  • Ultra-compact packaging to minimise storage requirements prior to usage

Our solutions can also be tailored to suit your requirements, making the transportation of goods easy and efficient with no fuss.

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