Our main aim is to ensure our customers are happy by making their lives easier. We are delighted with the feedback below!

“Sorba-Freeze was recommended to us as the best solution for our online sales and UK wide deliveries and it has not let us down.”
Lisa Gardshol
The Savanna

“We were using flaked ice to deliver our products but started receiving requests from customers saying they did not want to receive packages dripping with water. We therefore use Sorba-freeze pads to control the temperature and I am delighted at how it does exactly as we need it to do.”
Stuart Williamson
Flying Fish Seafoods

“It is critical that we maintain the ambient temperature below 5 degrees and Sorba Freeze enables us to do just that.”
Tom Mitchell 
Puddledub Pork

“We have used other packaging solutions for the products we were couriering across the UK, but we were never totally happy or confident that our products were going to arrive in pristine condition. With Sorba-Freeze, we know that no matter what happens in transit, we know for certain that the temperature will meet every requirement, there will be no leaks and most importantly the product will be in great condition.”
Steven Mitchell
Buffalo Farm

“Sorba-Freeze has played a major part in helping us develop a new profitable market by enabling prime Venison from the heart of the Scottish Highlands to be delivered to consumers anywhere on the UK mainland with the guarantee that the meat will not exceed 5°C.”
Scottish Venison Supplier

For more testimonials and information on how our client base are using Sorba-Freeze visit our case studies page now.