Why Sorba-Freeze is the Most Cost Effective Chilled Packaging Solution



This was the question posed to many of the leading specialist food suppliers and we were delighted that all of their responses contained the same key phrases;

Performance                     Reliability                             Cost Effectiveness                           Minimal Storage

Performance/Reliability- No perished goods

Thanks to its unrivaled performance over the last 25 years’, customers trust Sorba-Freeze. The unique triple action technology allows the patented polymer coresee-the-science-of-sorba-small to absorb up to 150 times its own weight creating a high density mass. When frozen in the various formats available, Sorba-Freeze will maintain your required temperature within a sealed, insulated package for up to 48 hours. The slower defrost rate with no unsightly leakage ensures your product arrives in pristine condition and is presented to your customer in the same condition it left your premises.

Cost Effective – Lowest price per pound

The unit cost of delivering your products using Sorba-Freeze cannot be beaten by competitor ice packs – a cost saving of at least 1/3 has been achieved by recently switching food suppliers to Sorba-Freeze. The enhanced performance and range of layouts available ensures a cost effective fit for your chilled packaging boxes. pallet-comparison-small

Minimal Storage – One box = one pallet of ice packs

Yes, you heard correctly! One box of Sorba-Freeze equates to one full pallet of ice packs, freeing up valuable square footage for your production and processing team

In today’s market, all costs need analysed but savings must be balanced with quality assurance – by using Sorba-Freeze, quite simply, you have both.



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