Sorba-Freeze Blocks

Our sorba-freeze blocks provide a high density frozen mass to maintain temperatures of 23 Degrees Fahrenheit for up to 48 hours.

The blocks can simply be placed alongside the products in the insulated packaging,

Available as .89 lb or 1.1 lb blocks, these provide the most cost effective chilled packaging solution on the market.

As with all the Sorba-Freeze products, the products come with ultra insulated thermal foil as standard, however they can be supplied with white or clear finish.
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Sorba Freeze Blocks v Gel Packs


PRODUCT.88lbs Block1.1lbs Block
Quantity2000 loose4 rolls
Cell size10.55in x 3.93in10.55in x 3.93in
10.55in x
10.55in x 196.85ft
Perf every
No. of Cells
Per Box
Total Hydrated
Weight Per Box
1763.7 lb2160.53 lb
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Sorba-Freeze is ultra compact for minimal storage space – one box of Sorba-Freeze is the equivalent to a pallet of hydrated gel packs which makes it easy to store.


Key Benefits of Sorba-Freeze Sheets

  • Most cost effective and convenient of all Sorba-Freeze Products
  • Enables temperatures of 23°F to be maintained for up to 48 hours – the best performing solution on the market today.
  • Delivers lower unit cost than any other chilled packaging solution including gel packs and flake ice
  • Superior design and finish to enhance the packaging and reflect the quality of your product and brand
  • Complies with US Food Safety Standards
  • Ultra-compact packaging to minimize storage requirements prior to usage


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