Sorba freeze is a fantastic packaging solution for the meat industry. By having a guaranteed temperature control of 23°F for over 30 hours, users have peace of mind that their product will arrive with the customer fresh and in the required condition.

Also, as there is a range of different solutions including sheets, refrigerated boxes and insulated envelopes, there is different options available to suit the user.


Sorba-Freeze was originally designed to improve the temperature controlled transportation of fish and seafood and its unique design has continued to out-perform the competition for over 25 years.


Sorba-Freeze continues to offer market leading performance thanks to their unique triple action technology which makes it the ideal packaging solution for the transportation of dairy & cheese products.

As as result, Sorba-Freeze is the trusted chilled packaging solution for our extensive portfolio of clients shipping dairy products across the world

Other Uses

Thanks to the versatile design and outstanding technology of Sorba-Freeze, our range of products can be used as a chilled packaging solution for the transportation of various other items including, but not restricted to, beer kegs and other brewing products, fruit & vegetables, hampers, and more!