New and Improved Sorba-Freeze Delivers Even Greater Performance

Sorba-Freeze has reinforced its position as the world’s leading chilled packaging solution by increasing the hydrated weight of its key products by as much as 50%, providing clients with an enhanced level of performance.

Sorba-Freeze is already widely recognized as the market leader with its unique chilled packaging solution, delivering unparalleled performance and benefits to its global client base.

The Triple Action Technology enables temperatures of 23°F to be maintained for up to 48 hours while delivering lower unit cost than any other chilled packaging solution including gel packs and flake ice.

And with a commitment to continually improving its service to clients, Sorba-Freeze has increased the weight capacity of the cells in all Sorba-Freeze sheet products from 1.41 oz to 2.12 oz as well as increasing it’s the Sorba-Freeze 12.35 oz blocks to 14.11 oz in hydrated weight.

This means that the 4 x 2 sheets will now provide 1.1 lb in hydrated weight, the 4 x 3 sheet will now offer 1.7 lb with the 4 x 4 sheets offering 2.2 lb of hydrated weight.

The additional weight will enhance the performance of its key products, helping them to keep their clients’ products cooler for longer.

Sorba-Freeze’s Managing Director, Joe Diamond, explained “Since taking over the company in January 2016, we have been looking at how we can take the products and the service we provide to the next level. We are now investing heavily in the product, carrying out detailed tests and enhancing the team of people which will improve our service even further.”

He continued, “We have also made it easier for clients to understand the products by bringing the hydrated weight into the product name. So for example, the 4×2 sheet will now be promoted as the Sorba-Freeze 1.1 lb sheet.”

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  1. Will the new gel product be available in hydrated form?

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