• Sorba-Freeze for Vets


Sorba-Freeze for VetsThe Flexible Cold Compress for Animals

Sorba-Freeze for Vet’s cold action delivered by its unique triple action technology makes it an essential addition to every veterinary practice.

When being used as a cold compress for localised injuries, Sorba-Freeze for Vets is the perfect practical and portable solution.

Made from a non-woven polyester fabric and silver laminate, inside each ‘cell’ of Sorba-Freeze is a non-toxic, acrylate polymer powder which is capable of absorbing liquid up to 150 times its own weight.

When soaked in fresh water Sorba-Freeze can then be frozen to out-perform any ice pack in maintaining low temperatures for long periods of time thanks to the unique chemical structure of the hyper absorbent polymer core.

Available in various sheet sizes or in a flexible roll format, Sorba-Freeze for Vets has many benefits, including:

  • Requires minimal storage space – supplied unhydrated
  • It’s simple to prepare. Click here for our easy to follow instructions.
  • Low unit cost – per strip of 6 cells when purchased by the Flexiroll (1600 strips per box)
  • Complete flexibility – our Flexiroll can be cut to the required size allowing it to be used for different sized animals

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