Sorba Freeze is one of the most convenient and easy to use chilled packaging solution on the market today.

Easy to use in 3 simple steps

1. Soak the Sorba-Freeze pads for 10 minutes in fresh water
Tip: Use warm water and agitate to maximise expansion of cells/blocks

2. Freeze the hydrated Sorba-Freeze pads as low as minus 40°C
Tip: Place plastic film or waxed paper between sheets or blocks of Sorba-Freeze

3. Add the frozen Sorba-Freeze pads to your packaged products
Tip: Combine with Sorba-Freeze insulated boxes and accessories for maximum effectiveness


Finally, enclose your produce with Sorba-Freeze pads/blocks in insulated packaging .

There are various ways in which Sorba-Freeze can be used to control the temperature within the package as demonstrated below. The optimum solution used will depend on the size and weight of the products being shipped, the temperature required and the potential duration.

Sorba Freeze Packaging Options

For maximum insulation we recommend:

  • you use a case sealed with tape to totally enclose both the product and Sorba-Freeze.
  • the cases can be chilled down before packing.
  • the quantity of Sorba-freeze should be adjusted to maximise performance in relation to your specific product taking in to account, fluctuations in external temperature, transit time and volume.

Contact our technical support team to discuss your requirements and to find out the most effective way to use Sorba-Freeze, minimising your cost per unit.

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Additional Guidelines

  • To maintain the required temperature:
    • Frozen sheets should be placed above your product (fabric side down), as cold sinks downwards. To keep cold for longer periods place another Sorba-Freeze sheet under your product.
    • Frozen blocks should be interwoven with products.
  • When freezing place plastic film or waxed paper between layers of Sorba-Freeze and always stack them silver laminate to fabric. (Remove plastic film before use.)
  • Sorba-Freeze packs may be re-frozen and reused except where they have been subjected to product leakage which could hold harmful or dangerous bacteria
  • Do not place on bare metal until frozen.
  • CAUTION: Freezing pads below minus 15°C may burn uncovered skin.