Sorba-Freeze - The Alternative to Ice Packs and Flaked Ice

Sorba-Freeze Chilled Packaging Solutions, Alternative to Ice Packs

Sorba-Freeze’s triple action technology makes it the most advanced chilled packaging solution on the market today.

Trusted for over 25 years by companies around the world, Sorba-Freeze not only keeps your products cooler for longer while in transit and high-tech reflective foil ensures your product arrives in pristine condition.

Our range of sheets and blocks as well as our highly popular Flexiroll enables you to specify the optimum solution for your products, taking into account:

  • The temperature maintenance you require
  • The transportation timescale
  • Factors specific to your process such as external temperatures and packaging used
  • The unrivaled performance has made Sorba-Freeze a firm favorite for companies in key sectors, such as:

Fish and Seafood
Cheese and Dairy

By using our triple action technology, we can ensure that your packaging:

  • maintains a temperature of 23°F for over 48 hours
  • is a reusable option for our customers

And that’s only a few of the fantastic benefits. Click here to find out why the Sorba Freeze solutions are the best in the industry and why we have received FDA approval.

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Insulated Boxes & Envelopes

Sorba-Freeze Insulated Boxes & Envelopes have been designed to complement the unrivaled performance of our Sorba-Freeze sheets and provide a complete chilled packaging solution for the transportation of your products.

The insulated boxes arrive flat packed for easy storage and are made from robust, double walled fluted corrugate to maximise protection of your product. Full insulation is provided through the insertion of 6 mitred pads made from 20mm high density EPS, ensuring maximum insulation.

Supplied with a white kraft exterior as standard, the range can be personalized to provide a full color print offer, allowing you to further promote your brand.

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Our laminated envelopes with bubble insulation can also be used when transporting goods ensuring your products are kept cooler for longer.

The insulated envelopes can be used alongside the Sorba-Freeze boxes and sheets to create the complete insulated solution for transportation.

Consisting of a layer of laminated film which covers the foil and internal layer of high performance bubble insulation, our envelopes maintain the required temperature of your goods to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

Why use Sorba-Freeze?
  • Enables temperatures of 23F to be maintained for up to 48 hours
  • Delivers lower unit cost than any other chilled packaging solution
  • Complies with US FDA and European Food Safety Agency Standards
  • Ultra-compact packaging to minimize storage requirements prior to use
Food Sage - Tested and Approved